Torka Gym & Sport Towels with pockets to carry things is lead by a group of creative people in Austin Texas.


The idea for the Torka Gym Towel with pockets was born when the founder was talking to a friend about the large number of people who bring their cell phone and keys with them into the gym; how they lay them on the floor next to their workout station and walk off and leave them, or break their phone by stepping on it. For the first six months, hundreds of Torka Gym Towels were sewn in the founder’s dining room; they were packaged and shipped to customers who bought through Amazon, and directly via word of mouth. Within the first year the sales volume increased significantly and an operations team was put together. Torka now contracts with a manufacturer in Austin Texas, as well as other locations for larger volume production.


Torka currently has five products that are sold into the fitness, sports, automotive, and pet markets. It is the company’s intent to continue to develop new designs. Patented D634,149.


The Torka Team
Austin, Texas



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